SeQureview Modules


SeQureview Modules

API Integration into application databases and directory services allows for access control change information to be monitored and reported by SeQureview.

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On-Premise Data Collector

SeQureview’s on-premise data collector enables organizations to incorporate user access information created through ODBC APIs, network equipment, and other devices that provide user access generating logs into the SeQureview platform. This extends SeQureview’s access control validation and auditing capabilities to databases, network devices, and other on-premise systems.


Help Desk Systems

SeQureview integrates with leading help desk software solutions to monitor, track, validate, and audit the change management workflow process. Our current integrations include Jira with additional help desk and change management solutions planned in future releases for ZenDesk and FreshDesk.

Freshdesk  Zendesk  


Directory Services

Directory services are a centralized repository that serves as a single point for managing objects and attributes. All user related changes and events within the service directory environment are collected, correlated, analyzed, and mapped to help desk tickets within the SeQureview platform to help ensure desired access changes are approved, correctly implemented, documented, and auditable.



SaaS Integrations

SeQureview connects to cloud-based applications and SaaS solutions to ensure that access changes are monitored, authorized, appropriate, meet defined SLAs, and easily auditable.



Identity Access and Management Integrations

By integrating with and IAM solution provider’s extensive secure user access platform, SeQureview can ingest API available user access logs and events to correlate with a help desk ticketing platform. This allows SeQureview to monitor, validate, and audit identity and access changes that occur through the IAM platform with the change management system.

The user management databases for each integrated application, help desk system, directory service, and IAM solution are ingested into the SeQureview platform to ensure that all user changes are monitored and authorized.