Raytheon’s John DeSimone on building the offensive line

Posted: Fri, 05/20/2022 - 7:36am

For decades, enterprise security strategies centered on implementing strong defenses against attacks. But John DeSimone has built an offensive line—and he says it’s time for more cybersecurity practitioners to take that approach.

“From an evolution standpoint, I think security needs to move to active defense, to an offensive posture. It allows you to be faster and more agile. It’s going to cut down response times; it’s about how fast you can mitigate. And that’s very cost effective,” says DeSimone.

He adds: “It’s where security has to move. It’s the way the technology needs to move, and that’s the way the country has to move.”

DeSimone is president of Cybersecurity, Intelligence & Services at Raytheon Intelligence & Space. As one of the four business segments of the defense and aerospace company Raytheon Technologies, Cybersecurity, Intelligence & Services works to secure the U.S. government, other nation states, and private entities.

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