Qumulus Solutions Announces Partnership

Posted: Thu, 07/22/2021 - 10:08am


                   Qumulus Solutions announces MDR Partnership with Pondurance

Partnership combines Pondurance’s industry-leading MDR Services with Qumulus’s team of
experienced cybersecurity compliance consultants and trusted advisors.

Qumulus Solutions has teamed with Pondurance, the leader in Managed Detection and
Response (MDR) services, to help customers defend their network against modern attacks.
“The collaboration between Qumulus’ cybersecurity consulting services and Pondurances’
advanced detection and response services will ensure your organizations risk management
and technology investments are aligned,” says Melissa Miller, Technology Coordinator, Bremen
Public Schools.

As recent attacks have illustrated, organizations need frequent cybersecurity control and risk
assessments to understand their gaps. Blindly throwing technology into an environment
without understanding the organization’s true risks can result in overlooking high-risk
cybersecurity controls. Qumulus offers Cybersecurity Compliance Services that include
Compliance Assessment and Automation Solutions, Information Security Gap Analysis,
Vulnerability Management, Employee Awareness Training, Policy Development/Review, and
much more.

With these services, Qumulus provides organizations an unbiased picture of their current
cybersecurity posture, and often finds organizations are lacking detailed processes and
controls in many areas, including Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and Incident
Response (IR) planning.

Pondurance’s experienced security analysts and cutting-edge technology provide industryleading IR and MDR services. Pondurance combines their advanced technology platform with decades of human intelligence to speed up detection and response to threats while decreasing overall risks to organizations. “Pondurance’s MDR solutions and robust IR capability paired with Qumulus Solutions’ team of cybersecurity compliance professionals, will help our customers achieve their desired outcome, reduced risks” says Jay Hochstetler, Chief
Information Security Officer, Qumulus Solutions.

“Qumulus has a reputation of helping customers tackle their toughest security challenges. We
are honored they have selected Pondurance to be their MDR and IR partner,” says Lyndon Brown, Chief Strategy Officer, Pondurance.

About Qumulus

Qumulus Solutions provides digital security services to protect confidential business information from unauthorized access. We strive to understand our clients’ needs and goals by examining their existing infrastructure then designing and implementing relevant security strategies and solutions.

We objectively identify and review the risks to an organization to gain a thorough understanding of its current security posture. Once understood, we assist with implementing the necessary processes, controls, policies, and tools needed to maintain compliance and mitigate risks.

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About Pondurance

Pondurance delivers world-class managed detection and response services to industries facing today’s most pressing and dynamic cybersecurity challenges including ransomware, complex compliance requirements and digital transformation accelerated by a distributed workforce. By combining our advanced platform with our experienced team of analysts we continuously hunt, investigate, validate, and contain threats so your team can focus on what matters most. Pondurance experts include seasoned security operations analysts, digital forensics and incident response professionals and compliance and security strategists who provide always-on services to customers seeking broader visibility, faster response and containment and more unified risk management for their organizations.

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