New UN cybercrime convention has a long way to go in a tight timeframe

Posted: Wed, 02/01/2023 - 7:22pm

Cybercrime is a growing scourge that transcends borders, spreading across the boundaries of virtually all the world's nearly 200 nation-states. From ransomware attacks to rampant cryptocurrency theft, criminal exploitation of borderless digital systems threatens global economic security and the political welfare of all countries.

Now, the United Nations has a major initiative to develop a new and more inclusive approach to addressing cybercrime that would replace a two-decades-old international cybercrime convention. This revised global approach could spark new laws worldwide to battle cybercrime more effectively. However, concerns over the scope of the emerging international convention and its possible threats to free speech, privacy, and cybersecurity research, among other issues, have emerged following the recent release of early drafts of the new convention.

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