How you handle independent contractors may determine your insider threat risk

Posted: Thu, 06/30/2022 - 6:39am

If one was to build a Venn diagram to compare the onboarding, educating, supervising, and offboarding of staff versus contract workers, the areas differences might offer a surprise. In this case, surprises aren’t what a CISO wants to encounter. Thus, such a diagram as part of their insider risk threat management program highlights the delta between the two types of workers and how they are handled.

The concept of core and context when it comes to separating the duties of the full-time-equivalent workforce into staff and independent contractors has long been an ongoing challenge for every enterprise and small- to medium-sized business. Add to the mix the contracted service offerings -- for example, a managed security service provider -- and entities find themselves handing the keys to the kingdom over to a third party to handle tasks at hand. On top of that, the past two-plus years have caused many an entity to undergo a momentous change to how employees/independent contractors engage, with a noted influx in the remote work option.

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