Log Analysis and Reporting

Organizations have a rapidly expanding volume of log data. Contained within this massive amount of information are company security logs. This data is collected from a variety of sources including: security software, firewalls, operating systems and network equipment. A company must be able to gather and store this information but more importantly they need to extract the data most critical to maintaining a secure system. Qumulus Solutions log analysis and reporting services addresses the essential elements of log management. We review each step of your log process including collection, storage, segmenting and disposal to ensure your log data is secure.

Critical data accountability

Consistent log analysis provides for early detection of security issues, policy violations, operational trouble and fraudulent activity. Proper log reporting will support internal investigations and help determine operational irregularities.

Meeting compliance requirements

Log analysis and reporting is also essential for maintaining a variety of compliance standards including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and the Payment Card Industry - Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Companies must be sure that the confidentiality and integrity of the sensitive data they possess is maintained at all times.

Proper structure is essential

Establishing a strong logging infrastructure consists of combining the appropriate hardware and software required to perform multiple tasks in the collection and security of log data. After the log infrastructure is in place a company must make the commitment to analyzing the data in a consistent and effective manner.

Most companies lack the internal resources required to maintain adequate log management. We provide the knowledge and experience needed to manage your log data.