Employee Awareness Training

Cyber attacks often target company employees as a way to gain access to an organization’s network. To reduce their risk, many organizations have implemented digital security awareness training for company employees. 

Digital security awareness training is essential when establishing a strong organizational security posture. Our employee awareness training program  covers the technical and employee elements of your business. Our training courses can assist with compliance requirements, risk reduction and improved data security.

The first step in establishing an employee security awareness program is by identifying the digital security competency of your organization’s employees. The results will determine the areas to focus on improving. We develop training programs that operate in a continuing process, which reinforces the importance of digital security and how all employees contribute to this goal. Consistent confirmation of progress will encourage employees to remain focused on maintaining best behaviors. Let Qumulus Solutions show you how Employee Awareness Training can make a big impact on improving your digital security environment.

Training will:

  • Help employees identify threats and what to do to avoid risks.
  • Teach employees how to protect confidential information.
  • Increase the technical competence of all employees.
  • Track the results of training through testing and documentation.
  • Educate employee on the dangers of online activities and how to avoid them.
  • Help employees recognize known methods of attacks such as phishing.