Incident Response

When an incident occurs you need to be ready to react quickly and make the correct decisions. Securing all relevant data, identifying the extent of the damage and accurately analyzing the incident data are all vital to having an incident response system you can rely on.

Automated Response

The ability to respond to incidents quickly is crucial to minimize or prevent any damage. Many organizations may not have the internal resources or response experience needed. An automated response system can provide the immediate reaction necessary to help secure critical data and limit data loss.

Search and Visualization

For many organizations the volume of data generated by their network has become overwhelming. Critical information for operations, security, compliance and audits must all be collected and stored. Search and visualization tools allow you to accurately identify and segment relevant data from non-essential data.

Robust Reporting

The need for timely and accurate reporting has never been greater. A customized robust reporting system can simplify the process of collecting and organizing all of the relevant information required for compliance, audits and operations.