Log Management and SIEM

Log management goes beyond the process of collecting and storing your network data. Recognizing relevant information can be used in multiple ways including, data security and compliance monitoring. Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) allows you to monitor security data in real-time to improve detection and response to on-going cyberthreats.

File Integrity Monitoring

File integrity monitoring allows you to strengthen your network security and integrate multiple compliance data requirements. FIM provides continuous file monitoring with the ability to focus on your most critical data and quickly identify all relevant changes.

Host Activity Monitoring

A major part of protecting your organization from on-going digital security threats is the ability to see what is occurring at the host level to the event data throughout your network. Host activity monitoring allows you to do that and also includes logging of crucial host activity, extensive event details, prevention of unapproved data transfers and more.

Forensic Data Collection

When a cyber attack happens response time is critical. Preserving important evidence can often be missed or discarded. Collecting vital forensic details is crucial to discovering the source of the attack and preventing future occurrences. Organizations often do not have the skills and experience needed to preserve this type of information.

User Behavioral Analysis

Internal cyber threats can be just as damaging as external attacks. User behavior monitoring and analysis gives you the visibility needed to detect dangerous internal activity and respond quickly to protect critical data. The sooner you know about an imminent attack the quicker you can move to block the threat.