Internal Audit as a Service


Internal audit as a service

Despite its vital importance, the act of engaging in compliance activities can be stressful for all who participate! It is a manual, often redundant, error-prone, and unscalable process - and it will only grow more complex, labor intensive, and expensive over time.

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Easily and Efficiently Automate Your Compliance

Although the use of automated controls remains low for most organizations, the implementation of better technologies represents a significant opportunity for organizations to build efficiencies into their compliance process. With automation, our team of information security, compliance, and audit experts have built a better way.

SeQureview is a compliance and reporting data platform that assists organizations with adhering to general security best practices, cybersecurity frameworks, and regulations such as SOX, HIPAA, and PCI.

It continuously monitors and collects evidence of a company’s user access and change management internal security controls. With automation, SeQureview will simplify the audit process by streamlining compliance workflows to ensure audit effectiveness and readiness.

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Powered by a financial industry intelligent data model, SeQureview’s proprietary smart features will:

  • Collect, calculate, and review access control and change management audit information for SOX, PCI, and HIPAA Compliance. 
  • Provide an enhanced view of user access creation, modifications, and permission events within service directories, on-premises systems and databases, and cloud-based applications.
  • Continuously evaluate and correlate large amounts of data from disparate systems, applications, and directory services.
  • Correlate user access change events with ticketing and change management authorization, permissions, and the desired event timing information. 
  • Provide auditors detailed user access change information.
  • Significantly reduce the time required to conduct New Hire, Transfer, and Separation access control audits while increasing the number of records evaluated.
  • Provide organizational defined SLA enforcement and auditing capabilities. 
  • Improve the audit’s quality by assessing more data, more frequently.
  • Limit the time needed from IT and internal audit resources.
  • Reduce the time needed and cost for 3rd party auditors.

SeQureview will help ensure that user access controls and change management requirements covered by SOX, PCI, HIPAA, and other regulatory and industry-standard frameworks are reviewed and audited for accuracy and compliance.