Employee Awareness Training

Employees can either be an organization’s weakest link or strongest defense. For them to become strong defenders, they need the knowledge and confidence to help stop threats and bad actors from compromising the organization. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to have a robust information security awareness program that not only teaches employees how to protect themselves and the organization, but also puts them thru real-world tests to make sure they are understanding what to look for.
Our solution will help guide employees to a better understanding of what threats organizations face daily. Having the right toolset and knowledge will empower employees to detect and prevent potential compromises to their organizations. 

  • Completely managed awareness program designed to reduce disruption to the organization’s daily functions.
  • Build and supply customized course material for annual training to optimize efficiency of the overall awareness strategy.
  • Conduct simulated phishing tests based on current trends.
  • Onsite presentations about how to stay safe in the digital world.