Who We Are

As your business grows the amount of information you share with vendors, contractors, partners, and customers also grows. Each of these digital relationships presents a new set of cyber vulnerabilities thus increasing the need to implement a security program that is balanced against the needs of your organization. While it is impossible to eliminate all risk of a cyber attack, a well-designed program will minimize the negative impact on both short and long term business goals.

We identify threats before they occur by conducting an end-to-end assessment of processes and technology, and by creating policies and methodologies that are time-efficient and thoroughly tested.

QUMULUS SOLUTIONS is comprised of Cybersecurity professionals from a diverse range of backgrounds, including Security, Risk Management, Compliance and Governance as well as Infrastructure design and support. We act as a trusted advisor to provide comprehensive, customized services that focus on each of our customers specific operating models and security demands. Our security professionals offer proactive and reactive guidance to our clients.