Historical Perspective on Dark Web Sale of 10 Million Health Records

Posted: Tue, 08/09/2016 - 4:02pm

Healthcare has become the single most attacked industry sector. "According to the Office of Civil Rights of the United States," notes a recent Panda Security report, "during 2015 there were some 253 security holes in the healthcare sector which affected more than 500 people with more than 112 million records stolen." One of the problems, suggests Panda, is healthcare's traditional total focus on its patients. "We find ourselves with a technologically advanced industry with neglected IT security, and that is extremely disturbing."

It's against this background of somewhat neglected security that two separate factors motivate the criminals. The first and continuing wave of attacks is to steal patient records. "Medical information is very valuable and highly sensitive, so whoever controls this data can strike it rich," notes the report. This is clearly seen in the price tag put on stolen health records.

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