BrandPost: Three Ways Security in the Azure Cloud Just Got Simpler

Posted: Wed, 09/21/2022 - 1:49pm

Organizations’ use of the cloud is increasing, but this is contributing to a rise in the volume of cloud security incidents. In the 2022 Cloud Security Report, 98% of organizations told Check Point they use the cloud to host business applications and store data. But more than a quarter (27%) of respondents revealed they had suffered a security incident in their cloud environments in the last year. Of those events, 23% resulted from a cloud misconfiguration.

This is why the Center for Internet Security (CIS) continues to partner with cloud service providers (CSPs) like Microsoft Azure to provide security hardening guidelines for cloud-based systems. In this partnership, Azure security and compliance experts join the CIS WorkBench communities to contribute their guidance – alongside the other CIS Community Members – to help in the development and consensus process. CIS facilitates the feedback from the community and contributes our expertise to that process.

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