BrandPost: Living on the Edge

Posted: Wed, 05/11/2022 - 12:17pm

“Tell me what you think about your situation. Complication – aggravation is getting to you.”

–Aerosmith, Livin’ on The Edge

If you’re responsible for ensuring the security of your organization, chances are the aggravation of overly complicated IT infrastructure has gotten to you. I’d like to share some findings from a recent study of over 5,100 IT and security professionals that offers hope for improving security resilience for those who dare to live on the edge.

“Edge of what?” We’ll get to that, but let’s start with the study. The Security Outcomes Study from Cisco Secure, with independent analysis from the Cyentia Institute, found that un-complicating your IT architecture helps drive a three-fold improvement in security resilience. If that sounds ‘Amazing’ (another great Aerosmith tune), then read on for tips on making your organization more resilient.

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