BrandPost: Don’t Bore the Board: 5 CISO Hacks for Highly Effective Presentations

Posted: Wed, 04/06/2022 - 3:39pm

Several years ago, we invited board members to speak candidly about presentations from company executives. Those free-flowing conversations more than lived up to what was billed as a “Don’t Bore the Board” panel discussion. The panel members’ engaging insights remain instructive to CISOs today as security leaders strive to hone their increasingly important board presentation approaches.

One corporate director confided that he paid less attention to the technical aspects of the CISO’s presentation, and instead scrutinized his CISO’s demeanor during presentations to obtain a gut-feel sense of the CISO’s confidence in his own ability to manage security risks. Another board member stressed that she focused nearly all her attention during CISO presentations on the information pertaining to the security budget.

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