About Qumulus

Qumulus Solutions was born from a shared vision between a group of entrepreneurs who had already successfully launched and managed several other technology companies in the past. They believed that data would soon become fundamental to how businesses operated.

With that in mind, Qumulus determined that businesses needed an organization with experience in designing and implementing data solutions. They launched Qumulus Solutions in 2010 with the goal to “bring IT from the basement to the boardroom.” The vision was to bridge the gap between the operational side of the business with the technology side, while illustrating IT's profitability. When the IT team and the operations team collaborate, technology can play a significant role in achieving business goals.

While Qumulus offers hardware procurement and consulting services, they also provide enterprise data solutions that include data storage, data protection and cyber intelligence. Each solution is designed to be a reliable, scalable solution that gives businesses the capability to manage their critical data. Qumulus main focus is designing solutions for clients that enable them to store, manage and protect their data assets.